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One of the most important aspects is the syllabus. Candidates need to prepare accordingly to the syllabus provided, study hard and get the proper study material in order to ace the entrance test. The PUCAT 2020 syllabus is as such can candidates can study the topics as provided.

Syllabus for Physics

Mechanics Waves and Oscillations
Electricity and Semiconductor Electronics Thermal Physics
Optics Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Quantum Mechanics Statistical Mechanics and Solid State Physics
Basic Digital Electronics Electromagnetic theory

Syllabus for Mathematics

Straight lines Planes using vector technique
Spheres Cones
Cylinders Sets
Relations Functions
Real Numbers Vector Differentiation
Lagrange’s solution Divergence and Curl
Vector Integration Theorems of Gauss
Stokes and related problems Uniform continuity
Maclaurin’s and Taylor’s series Asymptotes, Curvature
Riemann integrals and their properties Improper integrals

Syllabus for Chemistry

Atomic Structure and Quantum Mechanics Periodic Properties
Chemical Bonding Ionic Solid
s-Block Elements Chemistry of Noble Gasses
p-Block Elements d-Block Elements
Coordination Compounds Chemistry of Lanthanide and Actinides
Spectroscopy Alkanes, alkenes and alkynes
Alcohols Phenols
Aldehydes and Ketones Carboxylic Acids
Hetrocyclic Compounds Arenes and Aromaticity
Alkyl halides Stereochemistry
Gaseous States Solutions
Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis Thermodynamics
Thermochemistry Chemical Equilibrium
Electrochemistry Kohlrausch’s Law

Syllabus for General English

Understanding of English Language Comprehension
Vocabulary Basic English Grammar
Word Power Synonyms
Antonyms Meaning of Words
Phrases Technical Writing

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