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Dr. G C Anupama elected as President of Astronomical Society of India

Dr. G C Anupama was elected as the first woman president of Astronomical Society of India succeeding RK Tyagi. She was elected to the Post in ASI executive council elections for triennium 2019-22 held last week. She hails from Karnakata and she becomes second person to be elected as President of ASI after UR Rao.

About Dr. G C Anupama

Dr. G C Anupama is a senior professor (Dean) at Inidan Institute of Astrophysics(IIA), Benguluru. She completed her PhD in 1991 from IIA and has been serving as a  faculty member at the institute since 1994.

She is also heads an international team of scientists who are building 30-metre telescope at cost of over $1 billion in Hawaii, US.

She is a recipient of Sir CV Raman Young scientist Award in 2001 and is fellow of National Academy of Sciences.

She is  in-incharge of Indian Astronomical Observatory at Hanle in Ladakh and works on initial physical conditions after supernova also she is doing a research on ‘transients’, which are objects that brighten up for a brief period of time before going dark into the space.


Astronomical Society of India

ASI was established in 1972 by an astronomer Vainu Bapu, who was its founder President. The office establishment was at Astronomy Department, Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana.

It is a prime association of about 1000 professional astronomers in India. The main objective of ASI is to promote Astronomy and related branches of science in India. To popularize Astronomy in India ASI organizes scientific meetings, competitions for students, tries to brings young talent and encourages young scientists with awards and scholarships. It awards Prof. M.K. Vainu Bappu Gold Medal to honour young scientists around the Globe, who had done outstanding contribution to  Astronomy and AstroPhysics.






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